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Discover our wide range of wooden Venetian blinds, that give great versatility to the basic collection, which is complemented by a variety of wood types and handcrafted finishes.


The natural will endure

From the beginning of time, wood has been a faithful companion of man, giving warmth on cold winter nights, being an essential complement in the development of hunting weapons or tools for agriculture, material used in the construction of the first houses outside caves, and in countless other examples.

The technological evolution has introduced in the coexistence of man many new materials that provide technical solutions to the needs of housing, but lack in most cases the comfort that comes from natural materials such as wood. Including wood in the structure and functionality of your home will bring it closer to the natural environment,  adding personality and life which will provide, in addition to beautiful decor, comfort and quality of life.

Clearly technological advances are important, but it is also true that the natural will endure because it is a part of ourselves.



Resistance to fire in a product has become a legal requirement and to be able to meet this market demand, we present a range of products in wood Qualfin QuitFire with certification B-s2-D0.

Available only on demand and with African Maple.



Qualfin offers a humidity resistant treatment which contains anti-bacterial additives, specially developed to apply to wood blinds, which will be installed in places with higher humidity rate as bathrooms, indoors swimming pools, etc.

Available only on demand and with African Maple.



Ecological wood is the one that comes from controlled Forest and does not harm the enviroment, Today one of the few International organizations that guarantee that the timber comes from a controlled plantation is the Forest Stewardship Council, known as well as FSC.

FSC wood is guarantee to preserve our planet Forest. Available only on demand and with African Maple


_0001_plantar logo

PROJECT PLANTAR was developed to create awareness as non-profit making organism tackling the problem of deforestations in our insdustry.

By promoting this project of replanting trees togueter with the local government we will be creating natural Belt areas



Ecological paint water-based environmentanlly frendly


Our company.

Qualfin, unique manufacturer and distributor in the Americas, completely integrated from sawmills in Cameroon, slat productions, painting and blinds made. A precise value: sustainability, that meants operating with careful attention and great respect for both enviromental and human resources, aware of the own social resposibilities and ethics.


Our goals.

Clients are very important partners to reach the success in the business. We must work together with them in order to value the categories in which we operate, with the common objective to satisfy completely our customers. Qualfin is particularly commites to research and innovation, while attentively listening  both to customer and demands anc competitors actions.



Qualfin directly controls the supply of wood from the African sawmill in Cameroon for African Maple, as well as the suply of American Basswood from American. The lumber is brought into our fully integrated North American facility. We do all processes, from moulding the wood to applying the final finishing application, Over the years our focus has been, and will continue to be on producing the finest quality available in our industry.

Features like no others

Raw material

Qualfin products offer great flexibility in terms of materials and design, providing creativity to your collection. Everything is based on natural raw materials.


Our products are warranted for a period of 2 years from the date of installation.

Handmade Product

Since the work is done manually, each piece is different from the others, unlike industrial work or serial production.

Ecologic Wood

We use wood that did not harm the environment in its production process. We have the certificate of the Forest Stewardship Council.

IPBC Certificate of Content

ILVA certifies that the main assets of waterproof materials in our products meet safety standards.


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